Can Corned Beef please come back in style? My friends keep making fun of me

If you’re a hater of Corned Beef I need you to ask yourself a question, why? Is it because it’s not a trendy food? Because if that’s your reasoning I just want to say ‘Wake up sheeple’

Corned Beef is a beautiful flavoursome cured meat, popularised through times of war, Corned Beef has sustained us through some of the hardest times in our history, why are we not paying it the respect it deserves. On ANZAC day I have my minute of silence and pay my respect to both my great great grandfather who fought in gallipoli and also to Corned Beef.

I’m also not talking about Corned Beef from a can, I am not into that type of thing. I’m talking about a big chunk of Corned Beef from your local butcher or supermarket. It's super easy to cook and has a great payoff, night one you have it with veggies and white sauce, night two you’re having Corned Beef fritters, you can thank me later.

A friend asked me recently what I was having for dinner and when I said Corned Beef they scoffed ‘are you having jelly salad with it too?’, ‘Haha very funny’ I replied as I set a daily reminder on my phone to hold a grudge against them forever.

I have to set alarms to remind myself of grudges because if not I will forget about them, this has always been the case, when I was a kid my best friend and I would often have fights and I’d say to myself ‘I’m going to give her the silent treatment’ only to forget and talk to her in the next class. How many grudge alarms do I have set in my phone? One, one Corned Beef based grudge alarm.

‘Why are you holding onto a grudge against a cut of meat?’ I ponder as I lay on my bed reliving my days' grievances. I know why, it’s because it’s fallen out of fashion, Corned Beef is not the Little black dress of foods, it doesn’t fade into the background, it is a pink tulle hoop skirt, it is a statement. Someday soon Corned Beef will be the theme of the Met Gala.

The Beef Wellington had fallen out of popularity until a young Gordon Ramsey gave it a face lift. Corned Beef is well overdue for a resurgence in popularity, although it doesn’t need a facelift, it’s perfect, everyone just needs to stop thinking they're too fancy for Corned Beef, you’re not too fancy for Corned Beef, nobody is too fancy for Corned Beef, Maybe Corned Beef is too fancy for you, maybe your palette isn’t refined enough? Ever think of that?

Corned Beef is Bridgette Jones and I am Mark Darcy saying ‘I like you very much. Just as you are’

I am taking a stand for Corned Beef.

BTW I’ve cooked Corned Beef for lots of people, and they loved it, so is it just people who haven’t eaten it who don’t like it, or is it people who had bad cooks for parents who don’t like it, and if that’s the case then don’t make fun of Corned Beef make fun of your parents!

Do yourself a favour hun, go out, buy some corned beef, look up a recipe and get rid of that snooty prejudice.

I did this drawing of a Corned Beef in a pink tulle hoop skirt. STUNNING